//Best Rangefinder for Hunting: Under $1000

Best Rangefinder for Hunting Under $1000

Swarovski Laser Rangefinder: If you are looking for a clear, fast, reliable, and user friendly rangefinder for hunting or shooting, then you have found it.  The Swarovski brand has been elected best in class for nearly every product they have put on the market, and

Swarovski Rangefinder: Best Rangefinder for Hunting under $1000

their rangefinder model is no different.  This rangefinder is clearer and smaller than most binoculars.  Swarovski has been producing fine glass since 1935, so you can bet the optics are superb.  This rangefinder is capable of giving accurate readings up to 1600 yards, and yes it will, unlike the cheaper models that may say 1000 yards, but will only reach out that far with the most idealistic conditions.  If you are into long range shooting, then you will need a rangefinder that will consistently give you readings at long distances, otherwise you might as well leave it at home. You will be covered with the Swarovski Laser Rangefinder, which is why it is the best rangefinder for hunting under $1000.

With the Swarovski, what you see is what you get.  The display is not all cluttered up with extra icons, numbers, or letters.  You simply push the button with the circle on the object and up comes a number.  Simple as can be.  The only thing it does not have that I wish it did is an angle compensator.  I live in steep country where I both rifle and bow hunt Mule Deer, whitetail, elk, and predators.  After using a rangefinder with the angle compensator, I have realized its importance.  That being said, the Swarovski rangefinder prides itself on being simple, accurate and durable with crystal clear glass.  If you can get by without angle compensation and have the budget, then the Swarovski is the best rangefinder for hunting.

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