//Best Binoculars for Hunting Under $2500

Best Binoculars for Hunting Under $2500 :Swarovski EL Swarovision 10×42

Best binoculars for huntingRated Best All-Around Binocular: Swarovski EL Swarovision 10×42 Binocular

Swarovski EL Swarovision 10×42 Binocular:  There are many cutting edge processes and components that go into making Swarovski binoculars to ensure that they are the best you can get in their class, and with the Swarovski EL Swarovision 10×42 the best overall.  That’s right, these binoculars get the best overall rating for this entire sight.  The images through these hunting binoculars are crystal clear and use every available light ray to give you the best glassing possible when light is on the dim side.  High defenition is what you will be looking at when using the EL Swarovision that is attained by using Fluoride-containing HD lenses for impressive transmission of true-to-life and high-contrast images.  The lenses are then optimized with three different types of coatings:SWAROBRIGHT, SWARODUR and SWAROTOP that give you the ultimate combination for bright, high-contrast images, and maximum color fidelity across the whole light spectrum.  Then to top it off, the outside lenses are coated with Swaroclean which makes for incredibly easy cleaning of almost whatever will get on them out in the field.

Best Hunting Binoculars

I can’t say enough about these best binoculars for hunting, so I encourage you to read the reviews at these two websites: Swarovski EL Swarovision 10×42 Binocular Reviews & Swarovski  EL Swarovision 10×42 Reviews.  I will say though that I agree with the reviewer that simply wrote “These are like looking through the eyes of GOD!! I will never buy another brand of optics.”  Luckily it will be a long time before he needs to buy another brand, as these are sure to last a long time.

The Swarovski EL Swarovision 10×42 Binoculars are made from a lightweight magnesium chassis providing maximum strength. They ten coat the body with a high grade armor for both protection and comfortability.  Add the incredible lenses and other top of the line components and processes and you have a pair of binoculars for hunting that cannot be beat.

Specifications:   A Field of view of 336 feet @1000 yards put it better than most for finding and staying on objects.     Eye relief of 20mm provide easy use with or without eye glasses with twist up eye cusps that lock into position.  Not that important for hunting, but they have a very impressive close focus of less than 5 feet.  They are not as lightweight as some of the less expensive binoculars for hunting at 28 oz, but weight goes up a little with high quality components.

best binoculars for hunting

Are you the owner of a previous pair of Swarovski hunting binoculars?  If so, you may qualify for an $800 credit toward the Swarovision El Binoculars through EagleOptics.com.

If price is an issue, you may also want to take a look at the slightly lower priced Swarovski SLC HD 10×42.  These were originally the best in class in this price category.  They got bumped to the second place spot due to a decrease in price of the Swarovski EL Swarovision 10×42 Binoculars which put it under $2,500.  Both are a great product and will more than get the job done.  You will have a hard time beating either with anything on the market.

For more information or to buy, Click Here:

Swarovski EL Swarovision 10×42 Binocular Best Price: $2,479 @ EagleOptics.com

Swarovski SLC HD 10×42 Binoculars Best Price: $2,139 @ EagleOptics.com

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