//Best Binoculars for Hunting: Under $300

Best Binoculars For Hunting Under $300: Minox BV II 10 x 42 BR

Minox BV II 10 x 42 BR: The field of view is what impresses me most about these binoculars, but not far behind is the impressive price.  Minox constructed these water/fog proof binoculars to have a field of view of 342 feet at 1000 yards, which will compete with most high-end binoculars.  The main difference is price, you will not be paying over $1000 dollars to get these specs, in fact you will only be spending about $300.  Also, another

best binoculars for hunting under $300Exceptionally clear, comfortable design, and great price is what puts the Minox BV 10X42 BR in the list.

notable factor is the 18mm of eye relief.  This makes it perfect for everybody’s eyes with or without glasses, as the eye cusps can be moved back and forward.  The shape and design are also a compliment to these binoculars.  They are balanced and fit into ones hands comfortably.

The clarity of these hunting binoculars are great for a value priced model.  They are just as clear, maybe even a little clearer, than my more expensive comparison binoculars.  They also performed equally as well in low light conditions.  To protect the image clarity, Minox uses an “innovative sealing technology” that makes it waterproof up to 3 meters.  Then they coat the outside with a rubber armor that will protect from everyday bumps, not to mention, it gives it a great feel.

These Binoculars will be a great addition to any hunter’s, bird watcher’s, or fisherman’s arsenal even if they have several binoculars already.  Definitely , these are some of the best binoculars for hunting with a price that is hard to beat.  They are built from aircraft quality aluminum and come with a 30 year limited warranty.

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Minox BV II 10 x 42 BR Best Price: Binoculars.com $299

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