//Best Binoculars for Hunting Under $700

Best Binoculars for Hunting Under $700 : Vortex 10×42 Viper HD Binoculars

Vortex Viper 10 x 42 HD: One of the first binocular manufactures to bring the design of the high dollar binoculars to the mid  price range was vortex.  Offering mid priced glass with the quality of high grade optics is what brought popularity to the Vortex line of hunting optics.  Now they have a huge foot hold, lot of loyal customers, and optics in all categories (binoculars, spotting scopes, monocular, and tripods) and all price ranges.  Many of the reviews I read before I bought a pair for myself said they could not believe the Vortex Viper HD is at least a third of the cost of the high dollar brands with glass that is hard to find much difference in clarity.  Still, if you talk to the hard core European glass (Swarovski, Zeiss, Leica, ect) supporters, they will tell you theirs are better, clear, stronger, but most will agree that they are the closest thing for the price.

The Vortex Viper 10 x 42 HD hunting binoculars are made tough and mimic the look and feel of competing high end European optics companies.  the HD stands for high density, extra-low dispersion glass.  This was added to the already clear and rugged set up to give it a step up and an extra scratch resistance lens.  If it does not say “HD” on it then it is not high density glass, so make sure you do not buy a pair that look the same at a lower price, because even though you will still be getting a high quality product, it wont be HD which is said to last longer and resist scratches much longer than the originals.  Either way, you will

best hunting binoculars for under $700

be getting a good product, and along with a link below to the Vortex Viper HD, I will include a link to the regular Vortex Viper which is available at a lower price but is still a high quality hunting binocular.

Important Specifications:

  • 319 foot field of view at 1000 yards
  • 24.6 oz
  • 16.5 mm eye relief
  • Waterproof, fog proof
  • 5.1 close focus
  • roof prism binoculars

Like any best binoculars for hunting should be, the Vortex vipers are waterproof (O rings) and fog proof (argon gas).  Also they are constructed strongly and has a grippy armor coating that helps protect from the unusual bumps of hunting.  These are an all around great product that I have yet to hear a negative about.  Not to mention they are currently on sale at Eagleoptics.com at $100 off the list price with free shipping.  Get them at the link below before they run out or raise the price.

For more information or to buy, Click the link below:

Vortex 10×42 Viper HD Binoculars Best Price: Eagle Optics $599

Vortex 10×42 Viper Binoculars: no longer unavailable, go to Vortex Talon HD 10×42 Binocular above

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