//Best Boots for Stand Hunting

Stand Hunting is Tough on Your Feet:

Best Boots for Stand Hunting

Though not buring many calories, hunting from a stand can be hard on you feet, mainly from a comfort point of view.

I don’t care what people say about it, tree stand hunting is hard work.  Any stand hunting for that matter whether it be from a ground blind, elevated stand, or just a strategically sitting on the ground.  It takes mass amounts of patience and sitting in some less than comfortable elements for extended periods of time.  It is hard to sit for that long and one of the first body parts to notice that is our feet.  One thing you can do to make your hunting adventure more comfortable is to wear the best boots for stand hunting.

Of course, the feet of stand hunters aren’t tired and breaking into blisters, but they do tend to notice the cold before other body parts and begin to perspire and smell quicker as well.  Therefore a fair amount of attention needs to be given to your footwear to ensure you get the most out of your hunting adventures both in success and comfort.

The Best Boots for Stand Hunters

Rubber hunting boots have quickly become the standard for hunting out of a stand and not just because they are waterproof.  That’s just one of reasons.

Best Boots for Stand Hunting

Comfort is the name of the game when stand hunting. Rubber boots like those made by LaCrosse can keep you cool in the heat and warm in the cold, all the while controlling the scent that feet have a tendency to give off.

First of all, you are not going to be walking endless miles while stand hunting, so a light weight, stiff, and uncomfortable hunting boot will not be necessary.

Second, you may be sitting still for long hours in the cold.  Rubber boots have the ability to trap heat and  offer various amounts of insulation, keeping your feet warm even when it get super cold out.

Third, if temperature is warm, your body will want to sweat.  Rubber hunting boots will help to contain that stank.  Plus, a very lightly or uninsulated rubber hunting boot will help to keep your feet cool and spacey, thus reducing human scent even more.

The Best Rubber Boot for Hunting

Rubber boots for hunting

LaCrosse makes a Rubber Hunting Boot for all situations and the conditions you expect while hunting. Click the link below to view all Stand Hunting Boot Models by LaCrosse.

The hunting boot industry did not take long to figure out that rubber boots were the best bet for stand hunting.  There are many manufactures that produce some very top of the line rubber hunting boots. Although, there is one company that has stood out amongst the rest and has become the most popular with the stand hunting community.  That company is LaCrosse.

LaCrosse Hunting Boots has been producing the best rubber hunting boots for a long time and offer a model to compliment whatever type of hunting you do and the conditions you are most likely to face.  From uninsulated for the warmest conditions to heavily insulated with 2000 grams of Thinsulate insulation for the bitterly cold days of the whitetail rut and post rut.

LaCrosse Hunting boots come in several different styles, but the one that is best suited for hunting and available in several levels of insulation is the LaCrosse Alpha Series.  It has several features that are tailored to hunters.

  • Naturally insulating rubber-over-neoprene construction
  • Various levels of insulation form none up to 2,000-grams
  • 100% waterproof and ozone-resistant
  • Scent-Suppressing technology
  • Removable gaiters fight odor-causing bacteria


For more information or to buy the Best Rubber Boots for Stand Hunting, Click Here:

LaCrosse Alpha Rubber Hunting Boots,  Best price @ Cabelas.com


If you are planning on hunting in areas with more water and swamp conditions, or would prefer a little bit more of a hardcore boot, then the LaCrosse Alpha Burly might be a better fit for you.

For More Information or to Buy, Click Here:

Alpha Burly Rubber Hunting Boot Best Price: Cabelas.com


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