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Chris Jackson, founder of BestforHunting.com

Chris Jackson with his 2010 Spot and Stalk Archery Mule Deer

BestforHunting.com is a site that is aimed at helping hunters make educated buying decisions on hunting gear with respect to their budget.  Through field test, online reviews, articles, and forums the team at BestforHunting.com  has put together lists of the best products that they feel deserve the consideration when making a purchase.

Chris Jackson, founder of BestforHunting.com, and his brother Shawn, have been hunting the Western part of the US for their entire lives.  They have experienced what the great outdoors and their favorite pastime, hunting, can throw at them, so they are familiar with what gear is worthy of spending your hard earned money on.

Shawn Jackson 2010 Whitetail

Shawn Jackson with his 2010 Spot and Stalk Archery Whitetail

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