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Best Boots for Hunting

Obviously, the best boots for hunting this type of terrain are going to be far different from the hunting boots you would use for hunting out of a tree stand.

Hunting is a very general term and can mean a lot of different things for different people.  What it means to each person will be a direct result of where that person hunts and what he or she hunts for.  Different gear is needed to hunt different areas and different types of animals.  Therefore, the best boots for hunting are going to be different all around the world.  In this article we will break it down and give you our opinion on the best boots for hunting separated into categories.

Best Boots for Hunting: Stand Hunting

Best Boots for Hunting

The Lacrosse Alpha Burly is available in many different models to fit your hunting situation.

LaCrosse Hunting Boots: The most common type of stand hunting is for whitetail deer out of a tree stand or some type of blind.  Of course, many other deer species and animals are hunted this way too.  When participating in this type of hunting, you are letting the deer come to you.  Therefor it is most important to control your scent, as this is one of the best senses a deer has.  Scent eliminating boots have become the best boots for hunting any game animal out of a stand.  They are waterproof, comfortable, warm (if insulated), and built to reduce the amount of scent that can ruin a hunt.  There is a lot of competition in this market, but one brand that has gained significant market share is LaCrosse.  These are actually neoprene boots that are designed for hunting.  Hunting happens through out the year in most areas, so there are several different models and camo patterns to fit your needs. The Alpha Burly are the best boots for hunting that LaCrosse makes, and you will pay more for them as well.  But you get what you pay for and the Alpha Burly are available in many different camo patterns and insulation weights, so there is sure to be some hunting boots that are just right for you.

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Best Boots for Hunting: Easy Hiking


Best Hunting Boots

The Danner Pronghorn may be the most versatile boot on the market. Available in several models and camo patterns.

Danner Pronghorn: Made to be light weight and offer great all round support for your feet in an array of different environments.  Danner has been making high quality boots for a long time, and the Pronghorn model has proved itself over and over again as they continue to manufacture it after 10 years since its inception.  I have used this boot many times when archery hunting mule deer in September and also while sneaking up whitetail trails during the November rut.  The Pronghorn is a “one boot fits all conditions” product and does well in most situations I have put it up to.  The only thing it is not ideal at is on nonstop side hills where it proves to be a little loose, but this is nice when not on side hills as the Pronghorn Boots are very comfortable.

Best Boots for Hunting

Danners makes several good boots for hunting. Go to the link below to see more of the best hunting boots.

The Danner Pronghorns have become so popular over the years, that now there are several different models to fit your feet and the conditions you will most likely encounter while out in the field.  Danner has even built a snake proof boot featuring a height of 18 inch.  I would not suggest a hiking / hunting boot that was not waterproof, and Danner covers that by using Gore-tex to keep water out, yet let your feet breath keeping the sweat down on those long days afield.


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Best Boot for Hunting: Mountain Hiking

Schnees Granite Boot: When hunting in the steep country where the big Bulls, Bucks, and Rams like to call home, the ordinary hiking boat will not quite cut it.  Schnees Granite boot is made for steep country and sidehilling all day long.  This type of hunting is brutal and you need a boot that is stiff sided, yet comfortable enough to wear all day long. Built with serious outdoorsmen in mind, the Granite is the pinnacle of the Schnee’s Montana Mountain Boot Series. 10″ tall, 2.8mm thick leather uppers provide excellent ankle support while full

Best Boots for Hunting

Schnees is designed for tough conditions in steep, rock terrain such as the Rocky Mountains and Alaska, or anywhere else that offers demanding conditions and requires a tough hunting boot.

length heavy duty 7mm nylon insoles provide rigid torsional support for carrying heavy loads on uneven terrain. The Granite, as well as all of the Schnees’ boots are 100 % waterproof and lightly insulated with 200g of PrimaLoft.


  • Premium Vibram ‘Tsavo’ outsole featuring our signature rubber compound for maximum traction and durability
  • 100% waterproof, breathable eVent® Membrane
  • Polyurethane midsoles for lasting support and incredible shock absorption
  • Fully reinforced rubber rand protects against rock cuts and abrasion
  • Triple and Double stitched in key areas
  • Handcrafted in Italy Exclusively for Schnee’s

Here is a video of all three hunting boots in the series:  Schnee’s Mountain Boots Here is a video of just the Granite Boot:  Schnee’s Granite Boot


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