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Best Broadhead for DeerOur list of the Best Broadheads for Deer Hunting 2017.  Broadheads come in two basic forms: 1. Fixed Blade     2. Mechanical      Both have pros and cons, lovers and haters.  One thing all experienced archery hunters will tell you is the particular broadhead brand is of less concern than shot placement; what matters is where you hit the target.  Any reputable broadhead on the market will result in a quick kill if the broadhead passes through the lungs and or heart.  While Fixed Broadheads are legal in all of North America, Mechanical Broadheads are not, such as Oregon and Idaho.  You’ll need to investigate your state hunting regulations to ensure you purchase broadheads that are legal where and for what you hunt.

Fixed Blade Broadheads versus Mechanical Broadheads

Its a long standing debate as to the type of broadhead that is best for deer hunting.  What it all comes down to is accuracy (mechanical) vs. reliability (fixed).

Fixed Blade Broadheads require no mechanisms to do their job.  Once the broadhead leaves the bow, its fully loaded and needs only to meet an object in order to begin destruction.  For this reason, its very reliable in most conditions.  The downfall to a fixed blade broadhead is the increased surface area of the blade may steer the arrow resulting in a less than field point accuracy. To ensure maximum accuracy of fixed blade broadheads its important to have a finely tuned bow and good archery form.

Mechanical Broadheads require a mechanism to deploy the blades upon impact.  This mechanical movement leaves room for error.  You can read of horror stories where mechanical broadheads failed to open on impact, resulting in a less than ideal wound for a quick kill.  The main benefits of mechanical broadheads is accuracy and cutting diameter.  The blades of mechanical heads are almost nonexistent during flight. This reduces air friction decreasing the amount of the drag the blades will have on the arrow, thus resulting in a more accurate flight.  Cutting diameter of mechanical broadheads is typically lager than fixed bladed.  This results in more devastation but can also restrict penetration.


Best Fixed Blade Broadheads for Deer Hunting


#1 Best Broadhead :  Slick Trick Magnum:

Slick Trick makes some the the toughest, straightest flying broadheads on the market.  Look at many of the video reviews on YouTube and you will undoubtedly notice Slick Trick broadheads to be the most consistently high ranked heads on the market.  They dominate the field in both the accuracy tests and the strength.  “They fly just like my filed points” is one thing you’ll hear about them. They are made of steel, which makes them very strong.

Slick Trick runs on a replaceable blade system.  The blades are scary sharp!  Nearly every time a broadhead is used, all that is needed is a replacement of the blades because the body of Slick Tricks rarely bends or breaks; this is well noted on the infinite broadhead test/reviews scattered around the internet.  On top of being durable and insanely accurate, Slick Tricks maintain an affordable price point coming in a pack of 4

For more info, reviews or to buy, Click Here:

Slick Trick Magnum 100 Grain 4-pack @         Price: $34
Slick Trick Magnum 100 Grain 10-pack @       Price: $65


Check all sites as prices change often



#2:  Muzzy 3 Blade 100 grain Broadheads:

Best Broadheads For Deer

Muzzy Broadheads offer the best value due to many factors.

These are a great flying, deer killing, great value broadhead that has been a favorite for years.  With replaceable blades and practice blades, you will both have sharp broadheads for deer season as well as an extended life for your target.                  Comes in a 6-Pack

The best thing about the standard 3 blade Muzzy Broadheads are they’re very lethal, yet one of the most affordable name brand broadheads on the market.  They keep the price low by constructing the body out of Aluminum, which isn’t as strong as a complete steel body, but has seemed to get the job done right for myself many times, as well as the incredible amount of reviewers on line. Personally, we hunt coyotes with archery equipment, so an inexpensive head that shoots precisely is very important.

For more information, customer reviews, or to buy, Click Here:

Muzzy 3 Blade 100 Grain  6-pack @     Price: $31.97
Muzzy 3 Blade 100 Grain  6-pack @    Price: $38.99
Muzzy 3 Blade 100 Grain  6-pack @     Price: $38.99

Check all sites as prices change often




#3:  G5 Montec 100 Grain Broadheads

A very strong, very accurate broadhead, machined from solid steel.  This is a favorite fixed blade broadhead for tough western big game such as elk, mule deer and bears because there really isn’t anything to go wrong.  Montec are deadly accurate and preform with the best on many online video tests. A little spendy, yes, but you get what you pay for, so don’t let the price scare you off.

One upside to the Montec is the offering of practice heads.  These are the exact weight and size specifications of the hunting model, but they are dull.  The benefit to this is you will save the life of your target several times over. Anybody that has done much broadhead shooting can tell you the price of a target is more important than the price of the broadheads, as sharp heads can mutilate a target in no time.

For more information, customer reviews, or to buy, Click Here:

G5 Montech Broadheads @      Price: $39.95
G5 Montech Broadheads @     Price: $39.99
G5 Montech Broadheads @     Price: $39.99

Be sure to check all sites as prices change often



Best Expandable Broadheads for Deer Hunting

Schwacker Expandable Broadheads

These broadheads fly like a field point, but cut a huge entry whole with a 2 inch cutting diameter.    There are several reasons these take the cake of all mechanicals.  First, the price is less expensive than many fixed blades.  Second is the simplicity, which you can see, they are very simple which means less to go wrong. Third is strength, no more need be said.  Fourth is the reliability, which, considering its mechanical, is a big factor.

One of the design mechanisms that set the Schwacker apart from other mechanical broadheads is the blades are not designed to deploy until after they penetrate the cavity of the animal.  This means you’ll have less chance of breaking a blade on entry and they will remain sharper for the damage to the tissue.  There are surely many more topics to be covered, but you can get that info at he links and video below.

For more information, customer reviews, or to buy, Click Here:

Schwacker 100 gr Expandable Broadheads @      Price: $23.97
Schwacker 100 gr Expandable Broadheads @      Price: $36.99

Be sure to check all sites as prices change often


Best Broadheads for Deer and Elk Hunting

There is an ongoing battle among archery deer hunters over what are the best broadheads for deer hunting.  For the most part, it all comes down to personal preference, but if you are just starting out in bow hunting, you may have not had time to build up a preference.  Here we will go over a few broadheads for deer that most experienced archery deer hunters have consistently considered the best broadheads for deer hunting.

There are a few types of broadheads that bow hunters use for deer, elk, and other big game animals.  Fixed and Mechanical broad heads are the most popular and will be what we look at here.  We will start with fixed blades broadheads; scroll down to see the best mechanical broadhead for deer hunting.

Fixed Blade Broadheads for Deer Hunting

Fixed blade broadheads are the standard type of hunting point that has been used for a long time.  They usually contain 2 to 4 blades in a fixed position.  Fixed blade broadheads are legal in every state as an acceptable broadhead for deer hunting.  The weight of broadhead that is most popular with the majority of deer hunters is 100 grain, with 125 grain a close second for those who want a little more kinetic energy.

There are many things you want to look at when deciding a fixed blade broadhead regardless of the animal you are hunting.

  1. Accuracy
  2. Cutting Diameter
  3. Replaceable Blades
  4. Locking Blades
  5. Price
  6. Practice Blades

#1 Rated Best Fixed Blade Broadheads for Deer Hunting

Muzzy Fixed Blade Broadheads:

Best Broadheads for Deer

The Standard Muzzy Broadhead. Inexpensive, Accurate, Efficient

These legendary broadheads have been one of the top selling deer hunting broadheads for as long as most archery hunters can remember.  There are several reasons for this: they incorporate all of the items on the list above.

Muzzy Broadheads are very accurate, have up to 1 1/4 cutting diameter, inexpensive replaceable locking blades, practice blades, and are very well priced when compared to the competition ($6-$8 a piece).

Practice blades alone will save you money because you can save your hunting blades for deer and especially because practice blades extend the life of expensive targets up to 10 times.  With ordinary hunting blades, big slices of target will get shredded with each shot; not with practice blades.  Besides, with practice blades you will not have to worry about cutting yourself and they are a lot easier to pull out of the target.

For more information, customer reviews, or to buy Muzzy Broadheads, Click Here:

Muzzy 3 Blade 100 Grain  6-pack @     Price: $31.97
Muzzy 3 Blade 100 Grain  6-pack @    Price: $38.99
Muzzy 3 Blade 100 Grain  6-pack @     Price: $38.99

Check all sites as prices change often



G5 Striker Fixed Blade Broadhead:

This broadhead has been one of the hottest selling deer hunting broadheads for a long time.  It features a 1 1/8 inch cutting diameter with locking replaceable blades.  G5 Montec are guaranteed to fly with field point like accuracy, and will shred anything in it path.

The Montec is a little more expensive than the Muzzy option above, but it is for good reason. It is made of solid machined steel.  This makes it very durable and resistant to bending.  Also, Montec offers a practice model that is much more dull than the hunting model, thus saving the life of your target


For more information, customer reviews, or to buy G5 Striker Broadheads, Click Here:

G5 Montech Broadheads @      Price: $39.95
G5 Montech Broadheads @     Price: $39.99
G5 Montech Broadheads @     Price: $39.99

Be sure to check all sites as prices change often


Expandable Broadheads for Deer Hunting

Expandable broadheads are a type of hunting arrowhead that has expandable blades that deploy upon impact.  There are several benefits of this design, as well as a few downfalls.

Rage 2 Blade Slipcam Expandable Broadhead entry channel

Typical Entry whole of a Rage Expandable Broadhead. Click on image to see more kill shots. WARNING: VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED


  1. Fly like a field point: with the blades tucked up inside the broadhead itself, there is less wind resistance than with fixed lade broadheads who’s blades can  act like sails to catch wind.
  2. Larger Cutting Diameters: Due to the fact they are so streamline while in flight, it does not matter how long the blades are.  The 2 Blade Rage has a 2 inch cutting diameter leaving a huge whole.


  1. Loss of Energy: A small amount of kinetic energy is used in order to deploy the blades.  That is why a 2 blade setup is best as it will allow better penetration.
  2. Mechanical Failure: when dealing with moving parts, there is always a chance that the mechanics will fail resulting in blades not opening or parts breaking.


# 1 Rated Best Expandable Broadheads for Hunting

Rage 2 Blade Slipcam Expandable Broadheads

Rage has paved the path for expandable broadheads and can be charged with making them so popular.  Rage 2 Blade Expandable Broadheads have been around for a long time and have built up a good reputation of accuracy and huge wound channels making for a easy to follow blood trails.

Best Expandable Broadhead for Deer Hunting

The Rage 2 Blade cuts a huge whole in deer ensuring a quick kill.

If you plan to use an Expandable Blade Broadhead for deer, you need on that is dependable and that you trust will stay closed in flight and open up on impact.  That is why it is wise to go with a proven broadhead that people all around the world recommend.  The Rage 2 Blade is the best on the market.

To top it off, Rage guarantees the effectiveness of their broadheads to kill.  They call it the Get Your Game Guarantee.

Check out the incredible videos here: Uncensored Footage!   Be sure to come back here though for the best price through the link below.

For more information, customer reviews, or to buy, Click Here:

Rage 2 Blade Slipcam Expandable Broadheads @      Price: $36.92
Rage 2 Blade Slipcam Expandable Broadheads @     Price: $39.99
Rage 2 Blade Slipcam Expandable Broadheads @      Price: $39.99

Rage Titanium 2 Blade:   For an over-the-top strong expandable broadhead, check out the Rage Titanium 2 Blade Broadhead  Price: $69.02

Rage 3 Blade Slipcam Expandable Broadheads:

Rage 3 Blade Expandable Broadhead

If you are looking for even more knock down power you may want to look into the 3 blade Rage.  It is made with the same high quality materials and processes as the 2 Blade Rage.  The reason for the 2 blade being higher recommended than the 3 blade is due to the fact that more people have had problems with them deploying on impact, so you will want to consider that before making your final decision on a broadhead for deer.

For more information or to buy, click here:
Rage 3 Blade Expandable Broadheads  Price: $34.68


State Regulation On Broadheads for Big Game Hunting

It is important know the rules and regulations of each state as to the types of broadheads that are legal in the state you will be hunting.  For instance, expandable broadheads are not legal in all states and there are also weight requirements that can vary from state to state.


Tuning Your Bow For Broadheads

It is a common myth that a good broadhead should shoot dead on with field points right out of the box.  If you shoot a bunch of different types of broadheads, you will eventually find one that does shoot consistent with your field points, however this does not make that broadhead any better than the rest.

Almost any bow will shoot any quality broadhead the same as field points, but do not expect this to be the case until the bow is tuned to the broadheads.  The main thing to look at is whether on not the broadheads are grouping together.  Then you can make adjustments as necessary to get the broadheads and field points to group together.

The best way to tune you bow to your broadheads is to shoot both field points and broadheads and note where they are hitting with relation to each other.  Now you need to adjust the rest up or down, left or right to get your broadheads hitting the same point.  So, if your broadheads are hitting left and high of the field points, then you will need to move the rest ever so slightly (1/32 inch) to the down and to the right.  Keep doing these small adjustments until both field points and broadheads are grouping together.

Do not be concerned with the fact that you will not be sighted in anymore due to the incremental changes.  Once the field points and broadheads are grouping well together, you can then adjust the entire sight and all should be good to go with out having to sight in your bow every time you want to shoot one or the other arrowheads.

The reason why this method of tuning your bow to broadheads works is the fact that broadheads respond to change a little bit more than field points due to the larger surface area.  Therefor, when you move the rest ever so slightly one way or the other, the broadheads will catch up with the filed point because the field point will not move near as much.



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