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Best Electronic Varmint Call

Be confident with the Best Electronic Varmint Calls proven to call in all types of animals

Artifact Outfitters has tested, researched and reviewed the Best Electronic Varmint Calls for Hunting.  We have now compiled a list and determined the most efficient calls in all price ranges so you can pick the varmint call that fits your budget best.

Lets start with the Best of the Best Electronic Varmint Call:


# 1 Rated Electronic Varmint Calls

The reviews of the FoxPro Fury did not lie. It is the best on the market, but comes with a steep price tag. Less expensive, yet efficient varmint callers are listed below if the Fury is out of your budget.

FoxPro Fusion: There are no other electronic calls that come close to the efficiency and reputation that FoxPro has going for it. The Fusion is not their most expensive call, but it is the best compromise between size, sound and weight. Not to mention, made in the USA by coyote hunters. The Fusion is the Best Electric Varmint Call for Hunting for many reasons that are discussed further in the page.

Yes, FOXPRO calls are expensive with the Fusion predator call landing in the mid range.  We have tried other, made in China Predator Calls, but our success went down by 75%. Honestly, if you want top of the line but only have a couple hundred to spend, I believe you’ll be best off buying one of the less expensive FOXPRO coyote calls . Further down the page you’ll find electronic predator calls  from $200 to $850.  Scroll down the page and find the e-caller that best fits your budget.


More info, reviews or to buy, FOXPRO Fusion Predator Call, Click Here:

FoxPro Fusion best price found: $550 @ ($57 below the msrp)

**** Can’t afford the Best of the Best? ****

That’s okay because there are a number of electronic calls that are great for calling in all types of varmints.  Continue reading to view the best varmint calls in different price ranges.

A word of advice: Go with the best you can afford – you get what you pay for.

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Best Electronic Varmint Calls Under $100

Mouth Predator Calls

Mouth calls such as diaphragm and reed calls are cheap and can be very effective if used correctly, but are hard to master.

Save Your Money! There are several electronic varmint calls that sale for under $100, but unfortunately none that I can support you spending your hard earned money on.  Cheap calls just aren’t worth the cash spent on them.  Trust me, I’ve tried several and read reviews on most all of them and have yet to find one that works on a consistent basis.  When a sub-$100 digital varmint call is produced that I think is worthy of me supporting it, I will let you know.  I am sure with the competition these days, a company will come out with a good, inexpensive call priced for the average hunter.  Until then, I would suggest getting good at mouth calls!

Hear are the mouth calls I like best:

Easiest for beginners: Primos Little Dog Reed Call
Not as easy but comes with an instructional DVD:  Randy Anderson Howler Pack



A Cheap Solution: Homemade Electronic Varmint Call. For an inexpensive, yet effective caller, an option is to build a homemade electronic call.  Trust me, it works well for what you will pay for it.  All the supplies can be purchased for about $50.  It is loud and produces good quality sound.  If you want a remote, you will have to be a bit more tech savvy, or buy an MP3 player with a good remote included.  This call is better than any other branded electronic call that sells for under $100. If you are looking to save some money but want a proven caller, this is it.

Anybody that has done much web searching for information on calling in varmints has probably stumbled upon Varmint Al’s Coyote Hunting website.  Al is a die hard varmint hunter and specializes in mouth calling.  He has a long list of sounds he has recorded that are life like and free to download and work very well with the home made electronic caller.

You can get all the equipment needed here:

4 X 6″ Powerhorn (24.99), add it to the cart and then search RadioShack for “mini audio amplifier” ($14.99).  It should be the first result. Add to cart and then search “12-Inch Shielded Stereo Audio Cable” ($6.29), add two to cart.  Any MP3 player will work fine.  You may already have one.  If not, search RadioShack for MP3 players.  The cheapest ones will work fine.

Best Electronic Varmint Calls Under $200


Best Electronic Varmint Calls

FoxPro Spitfire: Finally FoxPro has produced an entry level, low priced unit that delivers top of the line sound quality.  The Spitfire is a small, economical electronic predator call priced in a range that it can be paid for with one bobcat.  At under $200, it is the least expensive e-caller that I will recommend, and it is better than many units costing more.  I have not used the Spitfire in the field yet, but I was messing around with it at the store, and I will assure you the sound it puts out is amazing for a unit of its size.


Varmint Calling Decoy

The Jack Attack adds to the realism of the call setup and put the attention on the decoy instead of the shooter.

The FoxPro Spitfire comes ready to use loaded with 24 of FoxPro’s most popular signature sounds and more can be added from your computer at the FoxPro website. These sounds come out extremely clear and crisp, and almost as loud as the bigger units such as the Fury.

From what I have read from many reviews is that nobody has had any problems with the remote reaching at least 100 yards, which is more than enough distance to get the attention away from the hunter.  Also to get the varmints attention, you may choose to use the auxiliary output by adding a decoy such as the Jack-In-Box or Jack Attack.  This is a deadly combination.  The Spitfire also has an additional output for use with another external speaker if you want to increase volume.

For someone who is trying to get into the thrill of calling in any animal, but wants to keep it inexpensive, the FoxPro Spitfire is the ideal combination of quality and price.  FoxPro callers are made in the USA, and just happen to be the best out there.

You can get more detailed information on the Spitfire at the FoxPro Website, but you can get it cheaper at the link below.

For more information or to buy, Click Here:

FoxPro Spitfire Electronic Varmint Call Best Price: $171.39 @

Best Electronic Varmint Calls Under $300

FoxPro Wildfire:

Best Electronid Predator Calls

The FoxPro Wildfire offers massive sound quality out of a unit that weighs only 1.5 pounds with batteries. Perfect for all call situations and especially when packing it in to remote areas.

When an acquaintance named Josh asked me my opinion of an electronic varmint call he could get for around $300, I wasted no time suggesting the FoxPro Wildfire.  It had just come out and I had not had time to give it a try yet, but coming from FoxPro, I knew it would be the best in the price range Josh was looking for.  He ended up buying it and invited me along on the Wildfire’s maiden trip.  His family has some land not far out of town that looked real promising.  We walked down into the tip of a canyon surrounded by stubble wheat fields where he’d used a mouth call a few times with no luck.  We sat in his usual spot and let the Wildfire and the sound of a rabbit in distress do the trick.  I told him to get ready and sure enough within minutes a coyote came running up the bottom of the draw.  Then another came around, sidehilling his way to us.  As the closest dog got to within 50 yards, Josh dropped him and I shot and dropped the other, which was about 125 yards away.  Then we noticed another coyote on the skyline as it trotted away.  He was amazed at how well it worked and we went from acquaintances to friends just like that.  More action followed at the next setup too!

The Wildfire is a small unit that packs a big punch.  The sound is loud and crisp with no distortion even on the highest level.  It comes preloaded with 35 sounds that are recorded from real animals, making for unmatched realism  that most people cannot duplicate even after years of practice with mouth calls.  The T9X remote is a serious upgrade from the lesser models and will reach more than the needed distance (100 + yards) to keep the attention off of you and in the direction of the call.  It has input ports for an extra external speaker and one for an accessory such as the Jack Attack decoy added to distract the animal from your movement.

Coyote in a fieldThe Wildfire also includes Foxbang (click link to see video), an innovative feature that when enabled, automatically changes the call after the shot to a preset sound, possibly getting the curiosity of the animal coaxing them to come in for a closer look. This feature makes it so you do not have to manually change the sound so you can be ready when the next coyote comes charging in.

At only 1.5 pounds with batteries, the FoxPro Wildfire is a smaller version of the higher priced units but offers almost the same level and quality of sound.    At the time of this writing, this was still a fairly new product so there weren’t many reviews online.  But after the time I used it, and Josh has had a lot of success since, including a bear encounter with calf elk wines, I can tell you that it is built with the same quality and American made standards as all their other calls.

You can get more details on the Wildfire at the FoxPro Website, but you can get it cheaper at the link below.

For more information or to buy, Click Here:

FoxPro Wildfire Varmint Call Best Price: $281.17 @


Best Electronic Varmint Call Under $400

FoxPro Firestorm:

Best Electronic Varmint Calls

The Firestorm is the best electronic caller if you cannot afford the Fury, which is quite a bit more expensive. The Firestorm is just as loud, bul acks a few features that you wont miss unless you try them.

With dual speakers, the FoxPro Firestorm delivers unmatched sound quality that is better than other brands top units, yet it is the middle of the road call for FoxPro.  The Firestorm has a few extra features than the lesser models have, and improved sound over the entire spectrum as it has a horn speaker and a cone speaker.  The horn is best for the higher pitched sounds such as coyote, rabbit, and other prey squeals, while the cone speaker is great for lower sound frequencies such as bear growls and mountain lion roars.  The dual speaker also allows the sound to be cast in two different directions at the same time.

With the 50 top used sounds preloaded on the FoxPro Firestorm, it will be ready to use right out of the box with additional space to store up to 200 sounds.  It also comes with the innovative Foxbang Technology that when enabled changes the sound at the blast of a gun shot.  This won’t do you much good if you are archery hunting, but with a firearm it sure is convenient.

Best e-callers

You never know what you will call in with the most realist sounds available. The reason FoxPro’s Sounds are so lifelike is due to the fact they are recorded from actual animals.

Although rarely needed (if ever) there are two external speaker output jacks if you feel more sound capabilities are needed, as well as an accessory jack for a decoy such as the Jack Attack.  The Firestorm can be operated from either the unit itself, or with the T9X remote which will transmit well over 100 yards.

You will not find a better electronic varmint caller from another brand than FoxPro’s middle of the road model, the Firestorm.  You can check it out in more detail at the FoxPro Website, but you can get it cheaper at the link below, which is the best price we could find.

For more information or to buy, click here:

FoxPro FIRESTORM Electronic Varmint Call Best Price: $357.59 @


Best Electronic Varmint Calls Around $500

FoxPro Fury:

Best Electronic Varmint Calls

FoxPro’s Fury is the best compromise between size and sound of all electronic varmint calls. FoxPro is pround of the Fury, therefore its spendy, but you get what you pay for.

The winner of the best all round Electronic Varmint Call is the FoxPro Fury.  It is the ideal weight and size for packing, yet has more than enough sound capabilities and features to make it stand above anything else on the market.  It is expensive, but you get what you pay for.  Considering you can pay for it with a few Bobcats, it should not take long for it to pay for itself.  I take this call everywhere with me.  It hangs out in my pickup ready for a quick call set whenever I have a few extra minutes or when I want to go out all day.

The sound clarity and volume of the fury is unmatched by any other caller of this size, as well as any other electronic varmint call that is not a FoxPro.  It has all the features and can do everything that the previous calls mentioned on this page can do, and more.  Like the Firestorm, the Fury has dual speakers that are independently amplified and two output jacks for additional speakers and an output for an accessory (Jack Attack).

FoxPro Fury Electronic Predator Call

A few bobcats like this one will pay for the unit. I have called in several Bobcats in one night with the fury.

The Fury comes with a TX500 remote that will transfer further than necessary and is loaded with extra, convenient features.  It comes preloaded with 100 top quality sounds that are proven (I can prove it) to work better than anything else on the market.

I could go on and on about the details of the FoxPro Fury, but you can get all the information you need at FoxPro’s Website (click link).  It is much cheaper though if you buy it through the link below.  Just know that you are getting the best of the best when you buy FoxPro, and I am certain the Fury is their best model.

For more information or to buy, Click Here:

FoxPro Fury Electronic Varmint Call Best Price: $526 @

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