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Best Knife for Hunting

You may use several different weapons to kill big game, but you will only ever need one hunting knife. Make sure you get the best knife for hunting.

This page lists the Best Knives for Hunting.  All you have to do is decide on whether you would prefer a Fixed Blade Hunting Knife or a Lock Back Hunting Knife, whichever is your own personal preference.

Please go through the links on this page before buying any hunting knives we recommended to ensure you get the best price possible and so we get credit for sending you.  Thank You!

# 1 Rated Best Knife for Hunting : Fixed Blade

Outdoor Edge SwingBlade

Best Knife for Hunting

The SwingBlade is two incredibly sharp knives in one. Perfect for big game making this the best knife for hunting!

The SwingBlade easily takes the top spot as the Best Hunting Knife.  This knife was built with the big game hunter in mind, so it had to be versatile, strong, sharp, and hold an edge for a long period of time.

Click Here for more information or to Buy:

SwingBlade Orange Hunting Knife
Best Price: $50.56 @

SwingBlade Black Hunting Knife
Best Price: $49.58 @

Check out these links: Customer Reviews & SwingBlade Demonstration

Outdoor Edge also offers a folding version of this dual purpose knife.  See the #2 best hunting knife for more information.

This razor sharp hunting knife is two valuable tools in one:

Drop Point Knife:

The SwingBlade is also available in a pack with an incredible saw. Check out the link below.

  • Perfect for skinning big game animals as it allows you to use the entire blade instead of just the tip such as with clip point knives.
  • Makes for clean, controlled skinning lessening the amount of damaged meat and hide.
  • Thick steel makes for extra blade toughness which allows for other field dressing tasks like gutting and splitting the pelvis and rib cage.

Gutting Knife:

  • The most functional gutting knife for big game.
  • The unique blade cuts beneath the skin to open game like a zipper
  • Eliminates the chance of cutting hair which is the number one blade duller of hunting
  • Virtually eliminates the risk of cutting internal organs.

The SwingBlade is available in both black and blaze orange color.  The orange is the most popular as it reduces the chance of loosing your knife. The skinning blade measures 3.6 inches and the gutting blade is 3.2 inches.  Perfect for all game animals from hogs to moose.

The SwingBlade easily converts from a Skinning Knife to a gutting knife.

By using a gutting knife to open the hide up like a zipper, you will not be cutting any hair with the blade of your skinning knife.  This will extend the period of time between sharpening and significantly reduce the amount of hair that gets on the meat making a mess and making it taste more gamey.  Unlike previous gut hook models, the SwingBlade’s gutting knife is easy to resharpen.

The Swing Blade converts easily from one blade to the other with just a push of the locking button.  The blades are built from high grade (AUS-8) stainless steel and hand sharpened to a razor’s edge and the blades are vacuum heat-treated and subzero-quenched to attain Rockwell-C hardness of 57-58! I do not know what a lot of this means, but I do know this is the best knife for hunting.

For more information or to buy, Click Here:

SwingBlade Orange Hunting Knife @    Price: $50.56
SwingBlade Orange Hunting Knife @    Price: $59.99
SwingBlade Orange Hunting Knife @    Price: $59.99

Check all sites as prices change often


#1 Best Hunting Knife : Lock Back

Outdoor Edge Flip N Zip

Best Knife for Hunting

The Flip N Zip Double Locking Blade.

This is the cousin of and tied with the # 1 best knife for hunting featured above.  It is very similar with the main difference in the fact that the Flip N Zip is a lock back folding knife.

The Flip N Zip features 2 blades that measure 3.5 inches long.  This is the perfect size of blade for all big game animals.  The Blades of the Flip N Zip are very similar in how they are built and use the same high quality components as the SwingBlade.

Best Hunting Knife

The Flip N Zip is available in either black or orange.


Drop Point Blade:

The first blade is a drop point blade that is perfect for skinning out game without making a lot of mistakes by cutting the meat or putting holes in the hide as you use the entire blade and not just the tip which is the case with other blade styles such as clip point.

Best Knives for Hunting

The Flip N Zip Knives can be purchased in a pack that includes an incredible folding saw. Check out the pack at the link below

Gutting Blade:

Just like the gutting blade mentioned on the SwingBlade, the gutting blade on the Flip N Zip opens up the hide of big game animals like a zipper with much less risk of puncturing the internal organs as well as hair which makes a mess and dulls a blade quickly.

For More Information or to Buy, Click Here:

Outdoor Edge Flip N Zip Hunting Knife @      Price: $49.85
Outdoor Edge Flip N Zip Hunting Knife @     
Price: $54.99
Outdoor Edge Flip N Zip Hunting Knife @
Price: $59.99

Check all sites as prices change often


Fixed Blade VS Folding Blade

Both fixed blades and folding blades have their own advantages and it is up to you to decide which you like best.

Folding Blade:

  • Takes up less space.
  • You have to put faith in the locking mechanism which could fail possibly injuring the user
  • More parts and hard to get to areas for cleaning

Fixed Blade:

  • Longer length takes up more space.
  • less parts to fail decreasing the chance of injury
  • easy to clean




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