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Best Tree Stand For Hunting

There are many models of tree stands that will work best in different situations. Here we discuss what tree stand is the best for your hunting needs.

The featured tree stands listed below are the ones that we have determined to be the best tree stands for hunting in their class.

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Best In Class Tree Stands:

Best Hanging Tree Stand for Hunting: Millennium: $234.99 @
Best Climbing Tree Stand for Hunting: Summit Tree Stands: $240 + @
Best Ladder Tree Stand for Hunting: Millennium L-50 Ladder Stand


A Little About Tree Stands

Tree Stands are a great tool for hunting.  What is the best tree stand for hunting is a question that cannot be answered with one make and model.  The fact is that there are many different types of tree stands that can be the best for many different situations, areas, and types of trees.  For instance the best climbing tree stand is not going to be able to climb every tree in the forest.  It is sometimes wise to pick a tree first, then pick the type of tree stand you want to use.  On this page we will take a look at the types of  hunting tree stands, and the best ones in each type.  That way you can pick out the best tree stand for yourself and your hunting situation.


Best Hanging Tree Stand for Hunting

Best Hanging Tree Stand for Hunting

Hanging tree stands are ideal for the widest range of hunting situations. They are lightweight, easy to set up, inexpensive, and will work on almost any tree.

Hang-on tree stands are the simplest form of tree stand that a person can buy.  The thing about them though is there are other items you will need to make them useable.  For instance, a way to get in it, such as foot pegs or a ladder of some sort.  The good thing about hang-on tree stands is that you can set it and forget it.  All you need to do when you are ready to hunt is climb up the tree and start hunting.  Also, they can fit in just about any tree and do not require a tree that is cleared of all lower branches, thus leaving you some cover to hide in.

As for the bad of Hang-On Tree Stands, it is more work to move your stand if you decide you want to hunt somewhere else.  A good way around this is to have other stands hung in other areas before the season starts.  Another thing is the selection is lacking.  With climbing tree stands there are several that offer big comfortable seats with extras.  With hang-on tree stands most offer small seats and a small platform, and that’s it.  Luckily there are a few out there that you wont mind sitting in all day.

Millennium makes the best tree stand that I have had the chance to try.  I liked it so much after giving it a review, that I kept it (I offered to buy it but they insisted I kept it).  It is by far the most comfortable hang-on tree stand I have ever sat in.  The design is simple, light (14.5 lbs), and quick to install, and it comes packaged ready to hunt with no assembly required.  This is a tree stand that enables a person to hunt all day in comfort.

Best Hang-on Tree Stand for Hunting

Millennium Tree Stands were built to hunter's specifications. Though it may look like nothing extraordinary, you will be amazed at how comfortable and well made this tree stand is.

The one thing that I can complain about is that the mess seat is not much for insulation. I hunted a few days that were close to 0 degrees Fahrenheit.  To fix this I took a small pad with me.  It didn’t do much good though as the rest of my body was frozen and I did not make it but a couple hours.

The Millennium will not disappoint you.  Unfortunately the price tag might at $235 it is expensive for a hang-on tree stand, but you will only ever need one.  You could spend half the price, but may end up wishing you’d spent a little more for the comfort.  Check out the others at the link below and you can make your own decision on what’s best for your situation, but I will suggest with confidence, the Millennium Hang-On Tree Stand.

For more information or to buy, Click Here:

Millennium Hang-On Tree Stand Best Price$234.99  @
Click here for other tree stands from


Best Climbing Tree Stand for Hunting

Climbing Tree Stands

Climbing Tree Stands are light, comfortable, quick, and convenient

Climbing tree stands are very handy if your hunting area has trees on it with trunks on them that go straight up and do not divide or have huge limbs.  Trees that are ideal for climbing tree stands are certain evergreen trees and hardwoods that have grown to over 20 feet before they start branching out.  The thing that is nice about climbers is that you can move your stand quickly and quietly, but this requires you to have trees picked out and delimbed (if necessary) before hunting season starts if you do not want to make noise.



Best Tree Stand For Hunting

The Summit Ultimate Viper has all the options any type of tree stand hunter could ask for, but is still light weight and packable

Summit Tree Stands make a huge line of tree stands and have been doing so for over 25 years.  They take the cake in climbing tree stands due to their superiority in craftsmanship, innovation, and design, and because they have such a variety to choose from.  Surely they will have a climbing tree stand to fit your particular situation and budget.  You may choose to go with their top of the line “Ultimate Viper” (I have this model and it is incredibly comfortable and versatile) which sales for around $400;  or you may want to keep it simple and less expensive and go with the “Summit Open Shot” or”Dagger” for a price as low as $240. Whichever one you go with will depend on your situation and budget, but I can guarantee, no matter which one you decide to go with, you will not find a better deal in both quality and price as the Summit line up.

For more information or to buy a Summit Tree Stand at the best price, Click Here:                Summit Climbing Tree Stands


Best Ladder Tree Stand for Hunting:

Best Ladder Stand For Hunting

Millennium makes the most comfortable tree stands money can buy. Choose from one of the three models listed below and you will be happy with your purchase. The model pictured here is the L-50 16'

Ladder Stands are perhaps the easiest of all tree stands to set up in the field, although they require a little more assemble right out of the box, but this is mainly because of the ladder.  Once put together, then the obstacle is getting it to the tree of choice.  That is when it becomes easier.  You simply lean it up against the tree, and secure it, and you are ready to hunt.  The nice thing about ladder stands is that they are easy to get in and out of.  One thing you might want to do though is put it up no more than 2 weeks (a month is better) before the season starts.  That way the animals have time to warm up to the ladder, as it is something unfamiliar where there use to be nothing.  After that, the animals will not even notice it.

Things to keep in mind with ladder stands:

  • You will want one that puts you at least 15 feet high
  • makes sure it attaches to the tree in two spots so there is no noise or movement when standing for a shot.
  • Be sure to go with high quality.  15 feet plus is no position to be putting your life in danger in a cheap knock off brand.
  • Comfort is a big deal.  The models featured below are very comfortable.  Comfort will determine how long you can sit in the tree stand.
  • You get what you pay for!

Millennium L-50 Ladder Stand :  This is by far the most comfortable seat you will sit on in the woods.  Top that off with the quality build of the tree stand and you have the best ladder stand for hunting.  At only 55 pounds, it is light too.

Best Ladder Tree Stand for Hunting

You may want the 17' Double Ladder Stand if you anticipate hunting with another person, or just want a little extra space.

The L-50 Ladder Stand is simple, without a lot of extras, so you can customize it yourself with your choice of extras.  A key feature is the stabilizing strap that that secures the tree stand to the tree before you climb up it to secure the top strap, giving you two strapping points.  The stabilizing strap not only anchors the stand to the tree, but also to the ground.

The Millennium Brand of tree stands by Hunting Solutions set out to make a better tree stand, and they did.  They took what hunters have been wanting for years: comfortable, lightweight, safe and simple; and manufactured the most amazing tree stands available that are hitting the hunting community hard.  Once you try a Millennium tree stand, you will see and feel what you’ve been missing.

Also listed below is a link to the 17 foot Double Ladder Stand for two, and the 20 foot Millennium Ladder Stand for those of you who want a little extra height.  They cost and weigh a little more as expected and still feature the quality and comfort of all Millennium products.

For more information or to buy, Click Here:

Millennium L-50 Ladder Stand Best Price: $230 @
20 foot Millennium Ladder Stand Best Price: $270 @
17 foot Double Ladder Stand Best Price: $329.95 @


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