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At Artifact Outfitters we are lucky enough to have the opportunity to try out a lot of gear.  In some cases, the demo programs allows us to keep the equipment as a thanks for the free advertisement on our site.  As a result, we have more hunting equipment then we know what to do with.  For this reason, Artifact Outfitters has decided to pass this gear on to our viewers as a thank you for making our site an authority in the outdoor sports arena.  The best way we can think of to go about doing this is a drawing; so fill out the email sign up form on the right, follow the additional directions below with the featured product, and we will notify you if you win.  Good Luck!

Current Outdoor Gear Give-Away Drawing:

Vortex Talon HD Binoculars 10x42mm

Gear Give Away Drawing: Vortex Talon HD Binoculars

Vortex Talon HD Binoculars

This is quite possibly the best prize we have offered in all of our drawings.  The Vortex Talon HD Binoculars are incredible and probably the best value available on the optics market today.  Even if you are packing around high dollar binoculars these will make an incredible back up pair.  Who knows, you might even like them better (doubt it, but maybe).  Featuring crystal clear images through high density, low dispersion glass with a field of view of 348 feet at 1000 yards, the largest of any 10 power binoculars you will find on this site. The Vortex Talon HD Binoculars are a great deal at under $500, but they are an even better deal if you win them for free.

How to enter:
Entering is easy and free.  Just enter your name and email in the form above and to the right in the side bar.  You will then need to check you email for a confirmation link.  Click the link and you will be sent back to a review of the product being given away.  The final step is to give us a “like” on at least one (preferably all) of the social media buttons listed at the beginning and bottom of the page.   You will then be automatically entered into the drawing.  If you should be lucky enough to win, we will contact you by the email address you provided, as will we let you know when new drawings begin.

Already signed up for previous drawings: All you have to do is go to this link: Vortex Talon HD Binocular Review.  Once there, “like” the page by clicking on at least one (preferably all) of the social media buttons at the beginning or end of the page.  You will then be eligible to win the gear give away prize.

Thank You & Good Luck!

Most Recent Outdoor Gear Give-Away Winner

Congratulations to Wes Bonfield for winning the last gear give-away drawing.  He won a Bushnell Scout 1200 w/ARC.  Hope it has helped you to arrow a big elk on you Colorado Elk Hunt.  Send us a picture if you can.

Gear Give Away Drawing: Vortex Talon HD Binoculars

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