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Best Rangefinder for Hunting: Under $800

Best Rangefinder for Hunting Under $800 Leica CRF 1600 Rangemaster: this is one of the fastest rangefinders on the market (0.3 seconds).  It is very basic in operation making it very user friendly.  You wont have to learn how to use it, just look through it and push the button as it does [...]

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Best Rangefinder for Hunting: Under $500

Best Rangefinder For Hunting under $500 Leupold RX1000 is Packed with features the high priced don't have The Leupold RX-1000 TBR has all the features of the Bushnell Scout, but is a little smaller, a bit faster, and with better optics.  The price has been temporarily reduced below $400, so if you decide to buy, [...]

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Best Rangefinder for Hunting: Under $300.00

Hunting has been forever changed since the advent of rangefinders.  To be able to know the distance of the target is a huge benefit, especially when shooting long range, whether it be with a rifle, muzzle loader, or a bow.  There are many things to take into account when deciding on the best rangefinder for [...]

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